Brenna Baker is the founder and director of Hollywood Hot Glass. She began her career as a glass artist in Corning, NY at the age of 14. Learning the technical and aesthetic foundations of glass in Corning, a town synonymous with glass art, has allowed her many wonderful opportunities throughout her career.


She spent a year working in Murano, Italy under the tutelage of Pino Signoretto, arguably the world’s finest glass sculptor. She then traveled the world on Celebrity Solstice class ships with the Hot Glass Show of the Corning Museum of Glass, before becoming the youngest  Master Gaffer and only the second female gaffer ever employed by Steuben Glass.


She also gained expertise in teaching through The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. These amazing experiences have allowed Brenna to be able to live out her life’s dream- becoming a successful independent glass artist. Brenna founded Hollywood Hot Glass on June 7th, 2013.


She loves to share her breadth of knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm with the people of South Florida.


“I am extremely grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to share my passion with our community everyday. It is a true honor to witness the joy glass brings everyone and is by far the most rewarding part of my career today. It inspires and encourage my creativity and I hope I do same in return."


Brenna Baker

Glass Artist






Founder and Master Glass Artist of Hollywood Hot Glass    2013-current


  • Designs and creates a wide variety of unique art glass installations, lighting and custom sculptures for commercial and private residence


  • Developed and oversees all programs and daily operations of the business


Self Employed 2012

  • Developing a wide variety production line for various markets


Master Gaffer for Steuben Glass 2011

  • Forming designs of Steuben Glass


Gaffer / Narrator Hot Glass Show of the Corning Museum of Glass 2008 - 2010

Representing the Corning Museum of Glass through live glassblowing demonstrations at the museum and aboard the Celebrity Solstice

  • Captivating an audience with live glass blowing and innovative, audience inspired, designs while explaining the process and properties of glass
  • Creating a large repertoire to demonstrate many properties of glass
  • Working as a team to enhance the quality of show
  • Flexibility living at sea and traveling internationally; conversant in Italian
  • Supportive of Corporate Celebrity and their objectives
  • Enthusiasm to meet and interact with public and staff members


Head Assistant to Pino Signoretto: 2007 - 2008 Murano, Italy

Pino Signoretto, whom is considered to be the world's finest glass sculpture of our time

  • Closed on large scale commissions
  • Translated for international customers in order to achieve their vision in glass
  • Created molds and tools for individual projects
  • Marketed pieces internationally
  • Training included all aspects of Italian glass making: small and large torches, presenting glass applications of all color, shape, size and temperatures
  • Experienced in glass casting and engraving


Head Gaffer/Lead Instructor: 2006 - 2007 Janke Studios, Atlanta, GA

Matt Janke, founder of Atlanta's first glassblowing studio, owner of a wholesale production line as well as large scale sculptural independent commissions, producing up to eighty pieces daily

  • Managed studio operations
  • Established daily studio set-up and detailed orders
  • Trained assistants and supervised employees for efficient shop organization
  • Instructed students from Savannah School of Art and Design and the general public weekly in a class environment to establish skills and techniques
  • Orchestrated students experience to sustain good relationships with the management team
  • Reached out to the public with multiple live demonstrations on a portable furnace studio


Head Gaffer: 2004 - 2006 Swamp Art, Branchville, SC

Head Gaffer to Herman Leonhart

  • Worked pieces start to finish, taking a direction to ensure his vision be achieved
  • Established and supported relationships with Charleston art galleries by supplying pieces and participating in regional art shows


Glass making Instructor: 2003 The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY

Provided daily instruction for the Make Your Own Glass workshop

  • Instructed students on the process and safety requirements of glass making.
  • Experienced working with a diverse group of people of all ages, personalities and abilities


Assistant Glass worker:  2001 -2002 Lost Angel Glass, Corning, NY

Founded by Joel O'Dorisio

  • Assistant to Joel with the hot end of blown and cast glass
  • Responsible for all aspects of gallery sales daily accounting and accomplished in glass shipping/packing to assure safe arrival



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